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 The Iron Mountain Jubilee is a beautiful, challenging but doable and enjoyable mountain endurance ride. The trail is strenuous so horses should be fit. The scenery is breathtaking but the weather can be unpredictable so you will want to be prepared. You will be riding primarily the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail and the Iron Mountain Trail with several connecting trails. The ride will start at the New River at the Ivanhoe Horse Show Grounds (Ride Camp) and proceed up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail to an away Vet Check at Triple C (Camp Cripple Creek). The 50 milers will have their second vet check in the same location after their second loop.

This is a real mountain ride and the real race is with the TRAIL and negotiating it with safety and efficiency will be the key to success. Use strategy in your ride plan to maximize your horse's energy and enjoy the journey along the way. There will be a section near the finish (after you pass the trestle) where you can have a friendly race off but not down the mountain, just a bit too narrow so no passing.

The terrain features some long climbs interspersed with good moving out areas, if the terrain says trot, then trot. You won't want to waste time, here's where the saying "never hurry, never tarry" will serve you well. The footing is variable with some rocky areas and sections of gravel road, interspersed with good footing. Hoof protection of some kind is required for the 50 mile distance and highly suggested for the shorter distances. Also Helmets are required for all riders!! Please be freshly shod or if you use boots, have the bugs worked out at home. There will be a farrier and treatment vet on site.





The Iron Mountain Jubilee is sanctioned by AERC, SERA, ECTRA, SEDRA and R&TA. 

DATES- August 23 & 24, 2019. 30 and 50 mile Endurance Rides and 15 & 30 mile Ride & Tie each day. Vet -In starts Thursday 8/22 at 2PM


RIDE MANAGER- Nancy Sluys- 336-351-4753, 336-325-8886 (cell) email-

RIDE SECRETARY-  Diane Cherry - 276-699-9686, email-

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR- Email Nancy if you want to volunteer-

HEAD VET- Nick Kohut DVM


VET STAFF- Ann Stuart DVM, Bob Marshall DVM, Dana Reeder DVM, 

RIDE FEES- Postmarked on or before 8/15 - 30 & 50 miles -110.00/Jr&YR- 55.00,  After 8/15- 30 & 50 miles - 130.00/ Jr & YR- 65.00, The deadline date will be the date postmarked.


RIDE & TIE-  In 2019 the Ride & Tie will NOT be held in conjunction with the endurance ride because the world championships are the week before. The Ride & Tie WILL be held during the Virginia Highlands Competitive Trail Ride in Cripple Creek, VA at Triple C the weekend of June 21-23. Contact ride & tie manager Barbara Also see Entry and Information page for Ride & Tie entry form.


CAMPING- Camping is primitive. There are no stalls available. Please be prepared to stable your horse at your trailer with portable corrals, tying to the trailer or picket line ( some trees available for picketing to but not guaranteed). Horse water will be available from stock tanks. People water is available. There is a bath house with showers. If you plan on staying over other than Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights please make a donation to the fire department in the box at the entrance to the park. 


FARRIER- Tim Worden. Email Tim at if you need to make an appointment before the ride


FOOD- Thursday Pot Luck Dinner- bring a dish to share, Friday & Saturday Dinner will be provided by the fire department. Menu will be posted closer to the ride. Please enter the ride before the August 15th deadline to guarantee your meals, or at least tell us you are planning on coming. Number of meals is the hardest thing to plan for so please help us out on this. Dinner for the day you ride is included in your entry fee. Extra meals will be available for $15.00.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST- 8 am- The fire department fixes a great breakfast on Sunday morning so get fueled up before you go! Donations are accepted (this is a fire department fundraiser). 


VET CHECKS & CREWING- The vet checks for each day are at a different location from ride camp and will be located at Triple C in Cripple Creek. Crewing will be allowed only at the vet checks, which will be at the same location each day. Crewing directions are available for download on the Entry & Information page.  If you do not have a crew we will take your stuff to the vet check and back to camp but it must be labeled and neatly packed together. There will be volunteers to help you or hold your horse. We will have breakfast burritos and sandwiches and other food at the vet check for riders and crews (donations accepted).

WATER- Please do not waste water!!! Most of your water is hauled in, especially at the vet check. We will have enough for everyone but please use common sense. At the vet check please use the sponge and scrape method to cool your horse! Nothing is more disheartening to our hard working water crew than to see someone dumping buckets of water on a horse and ground. If you need to pour water on your horse please use a scoop and be conservative. 


AWARDS- There will be will be completion awards for everyone who finishes their distance. Other awards will include 1st to Finish, Top Ten, BC, High Vet Score, 1st Junior, Turtle, Middle of the Pack and our unique IRON HORSE AWARD for the horse and rider teams completing both days of the 50 mile rides for a total off 100 miles (same horse, same rider).


OTHER EVENTS will include Early Bird Party on Wednesday evening at 7:30 at Ride Camp with hot dogs and Old Time Mountain Music. Bring a side dish.

Bon Fire, music and stories on Saturday night after awards. All are welcome!!

BENEFIT TACK SALE-  There will be a used tack sale to benefit the Back Country Horsemen of the Virginia Highlands Trail Fund to be used for trail improvements in the Mount Rogers NRA. The sale will be set up next to the check-in booth. Donations of clean usable tack and other horse related items will be gladly accepted. If you have something big like a saddle then we will keep 10% and you will get the rest. 


DIRECTIONS- 527 Trestle Road, Ivanhoe, VA 24350- do not use GPS unless you know where it is sending you. Some roads not suitable for trailers. Please use directions provided by the ride. Downloadable directions are available on the Entry and Information page.